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10 Cool Colorful Buildings As Great Example Of Modern Design And Architecture

Sunday’s a good day for eye candy, don’t you think? Assuming you already read the title of this post, no we’re not about to post 10 photos of Ryan Gosling looking awesome. We are, however, here to serve up a whole bunch of outrageously colorful buildings from all over the world.

1. Ettore Sottsass Memphis Design: Our favorite part about this color blocked design is the way the greenhouse creates yet another hue.

2. Neon Blocks: We can’t get over the neon-ness of this! We definitely wonder what the wall colors inside look like as well.

3. Snow-Covered in Montreal: Such a cheerful pop of color on a snow-covered street in Montreal, these buildings are definitely reminiscent of San Francisco Victorians.

4. Sugamo Shinkin Bank: How cool would it be if your bank looked like this?

5. Pink House: This looks like the perfect home for Cher Horowitz or Elle Woods, don’t you think?

6. Bo-Kaap Cultural Market: An iconic market in Capetown, Bo-Kaap boasts some of the most colorful facades we’ve ever seen.

7. Color Blocked Balconies: Get your balconies involved! Just imagine a modern-day Romeo and Juliet with these dayglo balconies setting the scene.

8. Kinsale, Ireland: This quaint little corner in Ireland looks so sweet, it almost looks illustrated.

9. Color-Blocked Illumination: Oooh, color block by way of lighting? We’re in!

10. Portofino, Italy: The houses in Portofino are known for gorgeous coloring, especially as reflected on the water.

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