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9 Smart Things You can do in an Empty Office to Get Ahead

Whether you’ve come in early, stayed late, or found yourself stuck working over a holiday, having an empty office to yourself is actually a great time to catch up and get ahead on your long list of to-dos (while also having a little fun).

What can you do when there’s no one else around? Here are some ideas.

1. Need to make copies, shred paper, or do anything distracting that would normally disrupt your co-workers? Now’s the time to do it. (Fast Company)

2.The best part of being alone: You can blast your favorite productivity playlist as loud as you want.

3.Another great thing about not having co-workers in the office is that you canharness your brain power to do that one intense task that requires zero interruptions.

4.You may be too busy during the normal workday, but now is the ideal time togive your desk the clean it deserves .

5.Better yet, it’s also the perfect time to clean your office’s common areas . Think of it as an easy way to show gratitude to your colleagues.

6.A nice perk of working during odd hours is that it’s easier to get down to inbox zero . Fewer people are sending and receiving emails, which means you won’t get 10 emails back immediately for every one that you send.

7.Get some reading done . A quiet office is the perfect place to catch up on the latest investor reports or industry news without being interrupted.

8.Or, you could be like this guy and take really fun Snapchats in your empty office space (extra points for creativity).

9.Want to have some fun? You’re allowed. Try creating these fun crafts with only office supplies.

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